Welcome To Broken Duck Feet Festival

1st Annual Broken DuckFeet Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas is on is way!!! 16 acres of live music, live comedy, great food, plenty of activities for kids as well and overall, Awesome entertainment. The Event scheduled for June 22 and 23rd, 2013 will be streamed online worldwide, www.LiveVideo.BrokenDuckFeet.com so that everyone around the world, who can’t be there physically, will be able to view the entertainment, live and unedited. Lots of exposure for artist, locally and internationally since the entire show will be broadcast worldwide on the internet. You want exposure for your music…Here it is, and we would also benefit some great children and veteran organizations.

* Rock * Country * Blues * Hip Hop
* Folk * Alternative * Metal * Jazz * Tejano

If you are an artist or would like to recommend an artist Please send a press kit / Details to: PerformingArtist@BrokenDuckFeet.com. Vendors should send an email to Vendors@BrokenDuckFeet.com

Event Location:
Rolling Oaks Golf Club
5550 Mountain Vista
San Antonio, TX.

Tickets are Available at the gate for only $15